Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7th, 2014

Greetings all! I have a lot to catch up to! The reason I didn't send a weekly email last week was due to the fact that we went to the temple! Our mission president has decided it is good for us to go to the temple every once in a while. Our district got to go last week on Wednesday. When we go to the temple we give up our preparation day, so that's why I didn't email. Small sacrifices! It was wonderful as I got to take my ancestor Joseph Garceau to recieve his covenants.
We aslo had a zone conference just the week before. We talked a lot about The Book of Mormon. We were split up into groups and read the entire Book of Mormon in one day! I can testify to you if you read The Book of Mormon, you will gain a witness from the holy spirit that it is the word of God, and it is true.
On Tuesday before we went to the temple, we saw Brainy smurf sitting on top of the other plushies in the claw machine at minchows food court. We knew that he just needed to hear the gospel. I put 50 cents in... and missed. I put another 50 cents in... and could only move him just a little bit. The next 50 cents we were certain I would get him, but we barely missed again. This did not discourage me though! The next 50 cents was enough for me to grab him! We hooked him by his glasses and he was brought to the door where the claw kept hold of him. Elder Dalton took out his camera, snapped a photo and said,"I'm suing." I put in two more quarters and opened the claw to drop brainy by the door. $2.50 from starting, we finally got him out of the machine. He has been converted to the gospel and is now the newest missionary in the Montana Billings Mission. He is our cars mascot (we have a blue chevy cruz). :) (no tithing funds were used in the process of saving brainy smurf). Now all we need is a missionary tag to put on him.
It snowed again for about two days and melted as soon as it happened, but there were still some accidents on the road because some people may have become just a little cocky with their winter driving. A man had bought a brand new manual pickup from the dealership. He told them he knew how to drive stick, but he really didn't . He decided to try to learn how while he drove it on the road and went off the road landing it on it's side. This was without snow on the road.
The picture I have taken is from our ride to Billings the day it snowed.
Our mission president has us flooding the mission with pamphlets. So far my companion and I have given out more pamphlets than anyone else in the district. Not sure about our zone. We have made it a competition between the districts in our zone to see who can hand out the most. We are very determined to win this! Elder Decker and I are going to go crazy handing these out!
How did everyone like General conference? I think I paid more attention to this one than any other I have seen so far. I really liked what Elder W. Craig Zwick said,"transform corrupt communication into ministering grace." Often times we feel like we must use harsh words with those whom we correct. We feel like we must,"put them in their place" for them to listen to us better and do what we say. Most people are humble enough to accept correction if it is done in a loving way. How can you feed the Lord's sheep if you give them reason to resist? Always be understanding and nonjudging when you help others fix thier problems. Maybe think of it this way, how would Jesus help others? Always do you best to make sure your words minister grace to the hearer.
In between conference sessions on Saturday, we went walking to hand out pamphlets. We saw a man and a women working in their yard and we asked to help them. In our suits, we helped them to rake up their leaves and put them into bags. The man's name was Patrick and he is completely blind. He does very well regardless. He has very good hearing and can hear where everything is. He is really very high functioning for a blind man. He really admires missoinaries for going on missions and helping people. He wishes he could do the same thing we do because he loves to help others. He says he is agnostic, but is actively seeking to know if God is real. He said that we can come by his house and visit with him, I look forward to talking to him again this week!
I hope everyone is doing well! Remember you are the Lord's hands! Help the Lord by touching someone with an act of charity!
Elder Garceau
(I love you mom!)

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