Elder Moonshine

July 21st, 2014

(John, I'm letting you in on this because you need to know about it.)
This is by far the best brew yet. Everything was perfect! Well, Almost perfect.
This time we did the whole syrup idea. This time I used a rag to squeeze out all of the juice I could get until that pound of Ginger was nothing but a measly clump. Then I boiled it to condense it a little better. After that we boiled in Lemon juice and an interesting touch... Agave Nectar! I found a bottle of it (which contained a whole cup!) while cleaning out the kitchen. Very good taste. But we still needed to add another 2 1/2 cups of sugar for the right sweetness. The recipe that Steven gave me made about 30 ounces of syrup. That's good enough to do a couple taste tests to make sure everything is good.
I figured out the right ratio for syrup to Club soda. you need 13.52 ounces of syrup, for every 54.08 ounces of club soda in a two liter bottle. So you just have to make sure you dump out 13.52 ounces of soda and away you go! It was the perfect ratio.

Since Elder Frost really likes the stuff, I gave him the other half of the syrup so he can make more. I can always make more syrup. and besides, It's the Christian thing to do!

Catch Y'all next time when I make another brew! I'll be sending pictures of my success!

August 19th, 2013

hehehe. Well now it is time for an Elder Moonshine entry! tada! 
So last week I tried making a brew for district meeting on thursday. This time what I did different was put the ingredients inside an enclosed container. As it turns out, bread yeast really makes it have a bitter after taste. So as a matter of fact, the kind of yeast you use DOES MATTER if the yeast approach is what you want to try. If using yeast in an enclosed container, use champagne yeast which is made for beverages. It does the same job, but doesn't give the same taste. I think my mistake was trapping it all in rather than letting it escape. SO. I have a new brew that is fermenting in a pot until I get home tonight. This week's district meeting is tomorrow so to have plenty of time, I started it yesterday morning. A day and a half is plenty of time to brew. I have suspicions that my first brew I may have killed the yeast so it couldn't ferment like it was supposed to, but it tasted better than the second one! I'm going to see if this third batch is better because I saw bubbles coming out the top of it, therefore the yeast did it's job. I may be able to add just a little more sugar when I bottle it up, but we will only be able to tell by tasting it. YES. I am crazy, but someone has to do it! 
Elder Moonshine  

June 14, 2013

Haven't had an opportunity to try the soup yet. people keep feeding us so... The other day I decided to try making some Ginger beer.We started on friday and got all of the ingredients thursday. I left it brewing in a pot until saturday and then I put it in a jug until sunday still fermenting at room temperature. The instructions I got said that it would carbonate if you added a little more sugar to the mix and let it sit for another 24 hours because the yeast was still alive, but it didnt end up working. Next time I am going to use just closed containers and for now we are going to get some dry ice. I made it for my companions going home party tomorrow. He's going to burn a full suit with a flaming arrow. The brew tastes good and has the right kind of kick that I like. It just needs to be carbonated to add to the excitement.
I skinned me my first rattler the other day. Adam who is Michael beheaded the serpent! It was awesome.
-Elder Garceau
btw how do you usually do your brew?

February 3, 2014

It's been a while and we thought that Elder Moonshine had disappeared to the utter disappointment of the viewers (or complete joy. Take your pick.),
but we have had a recent discovery in the Red Apple shopping mart!
They have stocked the shelves with Bundaberg Ginger Beer. In Lovell, Wyoming of all places... And there was much rejoicing!
Elder Moonshine out  

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