Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013 (Photo says July 20 but email came the 12th of August)

Be expecting more emails. I have a lot of pictures and can't send them all at once...
the first picture is the antelope that committed suicide on the neighbor's fence. We were driving back from town and there were two of them running down the road. rather than jump out of the way they kept running. At 35 mph! One of them dodged left up another road, but this one was not so fortunate... It smacked into the barbed wire fence and was done for after it broke it's neck. And no we did not save the meat. The adrenaline running through ruined the meat so we couldn't.
The second picture is Elder Nay and I at a Lewis and Clark monument with Dillon in the background. Inline image 1

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