Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25th, 2014

Hello Everyone! I'm in Poplar "stab city". Just about anyone here will talk to us. There are a lot of weird things that happen here though. The dogs are crazy. We were on the verge of killing a few the other day. You never know just how many dogs are really on a street until one starts barking, then they all come out of the woodwork. Crazy rez dogs. I need to start carrying a Taser or at least some dog treats to keep them away. Good thing I've started wearing my boots, those should do the trick.

We have started to teach a couple people who we have high hopes for. Most everyone will let us teach them, but it's hard to find the ones who will really listen to the message.

The branch here isn't very big. But we can get a lot of less actives and nonmembers to church on Sundays. We had about ten investigators at church on Sunday. We are part of about 10 Melchizedek priesthood holders in all of Poplar. There are only two active Melchizedek priesthood holders besides us. So who knows who will be called as branch president...

I'm liking my new companion Elder Archie. He's a pretty cool guy from South Cal. He likes football a lot. He is also a very good worker and I can't wait to spend the transfer with him.
(pictures coming soon...)

Not much to report quite yet. Sorry! But there will doubtless be more in the future!

Elder Garceau
(Love you mom!)

These are Elders Lynch and Hausia. They are crazy. We live with them in the same house and it's always a party. Elder Hausia is from Tonga and learned English in the MTC for two weeks. Elder Lynch is one of our zone leaders and he is a very big guy. They are both very fun to joke with. 

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