Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1st, 2014

I had a good week again. And again I spent most of it outside of my area. Go figure haha. I spent the first part of the week in Wolfpoint with one of the Elders there. It was nice to see that things were still almost like I left them. We did a lot of walking and even got them some new investigators while I was there. It was really nice because we got referrals for Poplar from some of the people there.

One of the assistants, Elder Wyatt my former district leader and zone leader, came to Poplar to baptize some people here. We had four baptismson Saturday and they were all confirmed by Elder Lynch at church on Sunday. They were all natives living on the rez. I think we will see much improvement here once the natives realize that this church is here for them. Some of them think that the church is only for the white people or that the white people run the church. We just have to show them that this is God's church not any man's church, but the branch can be run by them. It will also help when they learn how to be self reliant.
Elder Wyatt gave us some good leads to go see and I'm looking forward to that this week.

My new address in Poplar by the way is:
307 C St. West
PO BOX 305
Poplar MT 59255
Just in case anyone wants to send me some mail any time soon...

We also got to go to the Pow wow on Friday night. It was a very good Pow wow and I learned how to do an Indian dance. We could hear them all night doing their chants and dancing. They all had some very cool looking costumes.
There were also a lot of very nice and very expensive things being sold there.

A former Elder from this mission is moving back up here to Poplar apparently. He came up to visit and decided that he should move up here in the past couple of days. It's really nice for us because he knows a lot of people for us to teach here and I'm sure he will help us out. He told us that he received revelation that he should come up here.

I cooked my first chicken this week and it was very good. We don't have very many people feeding us here so I am learning how to cook because I will not starve and man can not live on PB and J alone! If anyone wants to give me some good cheap cooking ideas I'm all ears. Please help.

I hope everyone is having as good of a time as I am!
Elder Garceau
(I love you mom!)

My First chicken!

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