Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6th, 2014

This week was transfer week, and was super crazy. Elder Hausia and I got stuck in Wolf Point for 3 days. It wasn't too bad there. We got to teach a lot of lessons and we set four new investigators on date for baptism! I'm so happy to have Elder Hausia. He is a worker, and he is a very powerful teacher. He doesn't ever make any excuses, he just works. I am glad to be put with a companion who is so bold in declaring the gospel.
Conference was wonderful. I received a lot of good help for my personal growth and how I can better share the gospel with the people. I was very excited to see Elder Carlos A. Godoy speaking because he came to our mission last summer for a mission tour. He is a very amazing man and a great speaker.
This week Elder Hausia and I are going to hit the ground running, and hit it hard. I can't wait for the miracles that are going to happen while we are here in Poplar!
I am excited to tell you that during my studies I read about the temple in True to the Faith. While I read that I obtained a clear vision of what it means to be a consecrated missionary. I especially received revelation from page 173 where it talks about temple clothing: "When you go to the temple, you should wear your best clothing... As you put your clothing in the locker, you can leave all your worldly distractions behind. Dressed in white, you can feel a oneness and a sense of equality with others in the temple, for everyone around you is similarly dressed."

What made me want to look it up was a phrase I read in a talk called, "spiritual Whirlwinds" by Neil L. Andersen. He said, "The way you feel in the temple is a pattern for how you want to feel in your life." That made me start to think of in what ways a mission can be like going to the temple. I took what I read from true to the faith and applied it to being in the mission. I started to look at everything in my life right now that I wouldn't want if I had to go to the temple for two years. This week I have felt the spirit more in my life and I have felt like I do in the temple. Amazing things happen when we sacrifice our own will to the Lord.
I hope everything is going well! have a great day!
Elder Garceau
(I love you Mom!)

The glendive northern district at transfers, and Elder Hausia and I at the temple

So sad to be seeing Elder Archie leave, and so Jealous that he is going to my first area Dillon Montana! Gonna miss you bud!

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