Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29th, 2014

Hello again with another week!
Transfer calls came last night and I am staying in Poplar! Elder Archie is getting transfered to my first area, Dillon. 
And I will be companions with Elder Hausia from Tonga. He has also served in Dillon. Elder Hausia is a very good elder and I know that we will do good together.
On Saturday we had a baptism for JJ Cantrell who the other elders have been teaching. He has been coming to church for the past month and he is a great guy! He has been in my sunday school class for the time he's been at church. He is very excited about the gospel. 
I was very surprised when he called and asked me to baptize him! This is the first person I have ever baptized in my life and it was very exciting! 
I don't have the pictures now, but I will send them later. (I was wearing grandpa's tie when I did the baptism.)
It is getting colder right now, but it has been off and on for the past month. It's what they call, "indian summer". Today I broke out the trench coat and gloves. If it rains I've got my new baclava to keep my head dry.
Next month we have a baptism scheduled for basically every weekend. We just have to get on top of things and we will have four baptisms next month!

I have been having feelings recently that I don't need to leave Poplar yet, so I knew that I would be staying. There are still things I need to do, and people I need to teach on this reservation. I am super excited to be here with Elder Hausia. I went on an exchange with him a few weeks ago and felt like I should maybe tell the mission president that we should be companions in Poplar, but I didn't want to dictate to him what he should do with us. I was very surprised and very happy when I found out we were going to be companions here! I know for sure that my mission president is inspired!

I hope everything is going well back home, I'm having a blast here!

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