Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15th, 2014

We just went to Billings for Christmas zone conference and I wore my new tie that I got from Ross! It's awesome!

Transfers! I am no longer going to be in Poplar, I am going back to Billings and my new companion is Elder Decker. I don't know if he is related to the other companion I had named Elder Decker, but I hear he is a great guy!
I will be serving in the Canyon Creek Ward this time. I don't know if I live with members or not. But if anyone needs to send me mail now, please send it to the mission home address until I can tell you my new one.
1848 Rimrock Rd
Billings, MT 59102
We have had a great week full of surprises and good teaching. I'm a little sad to be leaving here, especially before Christmas where I am going to a place that no one knows who I am.
But the good news is that I get to go to a wedding for one of the members here. They are having it in Billings and I got invited! So that's really cool.
Three elders are leaving Poplar, and only one is staying. There will be two Elders serving in Poplar as opposed to the four that we normally have.
I think it's been good serving here. I am really going to miss it. I don't think I will come back to live here like some Elders have thought, but I will definitely need to arrange a visit after the mission. I still don't know how I'm going to talk to Wasichu (white people) again haha. I'm going to have to find my native friends when I go to Billings. 
I'm stopping by the bead store to get some beading kits because I still haven't learned how to do that, but I hear it's easy. A lady is going to take me to the store and show me everything that I need. Her name is Cheyenne Foote.
She is a Chantay Washte Wia (Good Hearted Woman). She actually just got baptized and she is going to show me how to bead.
I'm also going to get a Sioux dictionary so that I can bear my testimony in Sioux. I love the language and it's a little similar to German in the way the sentence structure and some pronunciations are. 
More than anything I am going to miss the people. But I can't wait to see the people I am going to get to teach in Canyon creek ward!
Have a good day everyone!
Elder Garceau
(I love you Mom!)

I have learned a little bit like:
Mato Sapa (black bear)
Chantay (Heart)
Washte (Good)
Wakan (Holy)
Wakan Taka (Holy Father)
Takashala (the Creator)
Wia (Woman)
Wasichu (White person)
But I don't think I can hold a conversation yet haha.
I want to get to that point.
Then I can speak it better than most Sioux

Our God is an awesome God. He gave us Caffeine free Pepsi and it's not even Diet!

This is us at the Presbyterian Church singing with the community Choir for the community Christmas program. They were happy to have us there because there weren't very many men to sing.

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