Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17th, 2014

welcome back to my weekly email everyone! I hope you are all in good health! I have had a very good week. Since all the snow has melted, and things have warmed up, we can walk everywhere a lot more easily. Finally able to get some exercise. My companion and I have started running in the mornings. We're both workout addicts so it's perfect!
we are having some great experiences. We ran into a family the other day that will let us come and teach them about the gospel. We were looking for a different person who's friend told us they wanted the lessons. The kids were playing outside and the grandmother came out to tell them to come in and we asked if we could talk to them about Jesus Christ. They said sure and we went right on in. We were at the Hernandez family's house for about an hour and a half teaching the kids about who Jesus is. They had a lot of questions for us! They said that we could come back this week! I am very excited!
Everyone around here is doing the "winter challenge". It all started with the basketball coach... You jump into freezing cold water and then challenge others to do it. I am very glad that I am not allowed to swim as a missionary, ha. 
In the last few months we have had some missionaries return home from missions. Just yesterday we were at a mission homecoming and we had dinner with the family. Heard some great stories. All of the RMs here have cool stories about weird foods. The only thing I have to brag about it those rocky mountain oysters. 
But that's all fine. I know this is the best place for me to be called on a mission. I love the people here so much!
Something to remember: People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.
My first district leader, Elder Croteau, would say that all the time and it stuck.
You can have all the love in the world for someone, but if you don't show it, they won't know it. When someone knows that you care about them, they will want to listen to what you have to say more. The best way to share the wonderful message of Christ is to be a loving person and share your own testimony. Try that this week! Tell me how it goes! This is my challenge to you!
love, Elder Garceau
(love you mom!)

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