Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 25, 2014

Sorry everyone, this is going to be fast. Today I went to the temple and so that is why I didn't email on Monday.  
I took an ancestor, Julius Kundert, to do just about everything. Elder Decker and I got to baptize each other for our ancestors and then we got to confirm as well. It was a neat experience that I am sure will help us to keep close as companions and as friends. The only ordinance I didn't get to do was his sealing because I wasn't sure if everything was together for that. It was a very powerful experience.  
It is getting warmer here, but nowhere near St.George Utah heats. Thank goodness. I love the heat, but not when I'm in dress clothes. If I could wear regular street clothes I wouldn't mind at all. It's a lot worse when you have to wear a suit.  
I'm hangin' in here, just two weeks before transfers. I have a feeling I might actually go somewhere! But I would be completely satisfied to stay here in Byron and Lovell. A lot of people around here have visited St.George recently. It still feels like home here with the sagebrush, red rocks, and borderline Extremist Mormon culture (just kidding).  
I'm going to the DMV to get an application for a driver's license to give to my mission president maybe to see if he gets the joke ha ha. I don't think that I could live here because of the fact that I know so many things that I shouldn't about people and their families. I just couldn't handle it. If I knew as much about the people back home as I know here, I would move away from Ivins Utah. It definitely isn't healthy for my brain to know so many things about everyone around me. 
I'm even becoming "small town" in the way I give directions,"oh yeah, the Jones'. They live in that one house down the street where that Dog used to roll in the dirt before the Harris' ran it over. Go to the first one on your left, it's not that one, but it's two houses to the left, and across the street, kiddie corner to the broken down tractor in the old football field." 
But I am having a great time! Hope everything is going well!
Love you all!
Elder Garceau
(I love you mom!)

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