Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 2, 2013

This is my weekly letter hope you like it! We are doing well. We have found some more people to teach here! And just kidding, no truck. I don't think Dillon will ever get a truck. They said they still need it in Billings. No idea why because all it does in Billings is hog gas. It would be much more useful in Dillon (we are kind of out here a ways) but oh well. 
We went to the temple and saw the new video on thursday. It was amazing and we felt the spirit so strong! Afterwards we went to the Golden Corral and a few hours later felt something deep inside me stir... We got home at midnight because we had to drive for so long but it was well worth it. I haven't got very much sleep lately, but that is because of temple week. We were very busy. Hopefully I will get back to a regular sleep schedule but who knows? 
In our Zone training last week we talked about the law of obedience, law of sacrifice, law of consecration, and the law of the gospel. It was such a spiritual meeting and we were receiving revelation left and right! My group was assigned to study the law of sacrifice. At first we talked about what we had to sacrifice to come on a mission. Family, school, career, music, entertainment, maybe a girlfriend... but then we decided these things weren't that big of a sacrifice in the long run. I believe that it would be more of a sacrifice to not go on a mission because we simply cannot live with out the Blessings that come along with being a missionary and having someone on a mission. 
I hope everything is going well, I love you all!
Elder Garceau 
(Love you Mom!)

(later that day)

We just made our apartment "temple clean". It's so much nicer now! 4 years of Elders in our apartment... Any way. I would be a cleaning Nazi too if I had a new house lol. I have to speak in church on sunday. I didn't know what to talk about. but I have decided on valuing people. I just feel like someone needs to hear it. I think that is one of the best and hardest lessons to learn. How to value other people. Should be good. I'll tell all about it on monday. wish me luck

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