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October 16th, 2013

I am taking the time right now to finally send my weekly letter. On Monday I was on an exchange with the one of my zone leaders in Powell Wyoming. It was awesome working with him for a day! We went to this house that had no joke about a hundred cats. I know my parents would never let us have that many cats. I wouldn't know what to do with so many cats.

On Monday we also went to Cody because we had a member driving us. I got myself some good boots and a hat that will keep my head dry so I am ready for the winter! We went to the Cody Dam that's on the way to Yellowstone. It was huge! But it was snowing so we couldn't see that much.

I went to a district meeting in Cody with the zone leader and we talked about humility. 

Humility as a missionary pretty much means relying on the holy ghost to teach people things. Because I know as a person I am not a very good teacher. I can't do it unless I have divine help and I pray for it every time I teach someone. A good way to recognize that what you are saying is coming from the holy ghost is if you learn things from what you just said. If you are learning things from your words, then you know the spirit is teaching.
Also a story I can tell now because I am not in Dillon Montana haha...

Elder Tayrien had just been put with me in Dillon. It was his fifth day in the area and we were driving into town for a 10:00 am appointment. We were going to do service for a very nice lady who needed things moved. As we drove down Smith road (or Axes Canyon depending on who you ask) we got behind a truck that was towing a trailer. The speed limit on the road was 35 mph. He was going 20 mph which is perfectly within his rights. It is also within our own rights to pass him on this particular road, in which we passed him. We were talking about our plans for the day as we drove the six miles to the lady's apartment building. We got out of the car and took out our backpacks. We were just getting ready to go in. Elder Tayrien was putting on his backpack and tightening his straps while facing the road when to our surprise, out of nowhere this crazy dude comes rushing towards Elder Tayrien and punches him in the right cheek. He then proceeded to yell at us about how we needed to slow down and not speed and how we could have put a chip in his windshield. We were both very astonished and confused. He said that he had seen this car speeding down Smith road often. This was not in fact Elder Tayrien's driving, which he explained to the man as well as the fact that he had only been here for five days. The real culprit was my trainer, Elder Nay, who had no qualms about speeding down Smith road in our Ford Fusion. Elder Tayrien asked the man what he would like us to do for him. The man ignored him, called him a liar and punched him in the face two more times. The whole time going through my head was the thought,"I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the son of God."  I knew it would not end well if we had chosen to gang up on him because it would have made us look bad. I tried to tell him to calm down and he didn't like that very much so he proceeded to punch me in the nose (Which was very annoying by the way. It's not fun having blood drip out of your nose in a constant stream.). I was not going to let him think it was okay to hit me again so I shoved him very hard to get him away. After that he hopped in his car and drove off. The police officer showed up and got some statements from us and the other 20 or so witnesses in the area. I called my mission president and told him about what happened. He said that I did the right thing pushing him back and that if it ever happens again I have his permission to destroy whomever it is. So, in the rare event this does happen again, I'll go to town on so and so's face :)

It actually turns out is was better we didn't paste the guy to the pavement because now it is a more black and white situation and there is no way that the missionaries look guilty. The situation looks more like, "these nice Mormon missionaries were just standing there and this crazy guy attacked them for no reason. What a jerk." So he was cited and as far as I know the last thing I heard about it, he was sitting in front of a judge. Two counts of assault. Word traveled around town fast. And the guy is a general contractor. No one wants to work for him, and no one wants to hire him for any jobs. He's basically losing the shirt off his back. From the stories I hear, he's had it coming for a while. It was a great door knocking opportunity because everyone wanted to hear our story. 
I almost wish that Elder Nay had been there. He's a fighter and would have wrecked the guy.

Elder Tayrien handled it very calmly and neither of us has bitter feelings toward the man. We are actually kind of sad at the way he chose to handle the situation.

I didn't want to tell everyone about it while I was in Dillon, because I didn't want my Mom to worry and get sick. The people in Dillon really are great people, but there is always one bad egg in every bunch. We just so happened to meet him. I am fine and my nose is well. But next time, I will remember what my mission president has said.
We are doing just fine!
Love everyone!
Elder Garceau
(I love you Mom!)

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