Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15th, 2014

Hello all it's been another week in Popping Poplar. No cursed items this week, but it's still been a good one. Once again I was not with my companion the whole week, but we did great. Our numbers are really starting to go somewhere. I'm positive in the next two weeks the work will sky rocket. The other Poplar Elders are swamped in their teaching pool so they help by giving us some of their new contacts to teach if they don't have time. I think we will be able to teach about 30 lessons a week in just a little bit at the rate things are going.
We went to district meeting in Wolf Point on Wednesday and I started an exchange with my district leader Elder Brisco. A series of events occurred and we were stuck in Wolf Point by ourselves! We did the only thing we knew how to do, we walked around and found people to talk to. We got the Elders a new investigator to teach while we were at it. We finally got to go back to work in Poplar on Thursday where we continued the work that we started in Wolf Point. In spite of being out of Poplar for a whole day, we were able to teach 18 lessons last week which is just 2 short of our missions standards of excellence! I haven't taught close to that many lessons since I was in Lovell Wyoming so I am excited to be back where I was before. Every week I am seeing little improvements and I am very excited for what will be happening next transfer.
At the beginning of the week we met a couple that was at our investigators house who wants us to teach them about the gospel. We were teaching Duston Scott's cousin when he randomly showed up at the house with his girlfriend Tisha.They both said they wanted to be baptized and we are very excited for them. They want to clean themselves up and get closer to God. We only gave Duston a Book of Mormon, and the next meeting we asked his girlfriend, Tisha, if she was reading it to. She said that he wouldn't ever let her touch it because he was reading it, so we gave her one as well. They seem extremely prepared. Duston told us that he feels the spirit every time he reads to Book of Mormon and he believes it's true. Tisha doesn't quite know why she wants to be baptized yet, so we will be working on her to understand what it's all about. We have to make a conscious effort here for people to understand what we are inviting them to do because sometimes people aren't always sober when you teach them the lessons, but most of the people here are very good people.
(Just a side note, We met two other guys who are interested in what we teach, and we walked with them for half an hour talking about the gospel. I asked them what "oka-hey" meant, and they said it doesn't mean "it's a good day" like the drunk people told me. It's actually more of a war cry when you're about to fight or go into battle.)
We found more people walking around here than we did trying people on our list that we were given when we got here. Sometimes I feel prompted that we should see a certain person, and they weren't home, but we did find someone else who just happened to be where we were at the time walking around. I have found planning to be a very essential element of following the spirit. If you listen to the promptings of the holy ghost in your planning at night, the next day, the Lord can place those in your path to receive the gospel.
We were all freezing our tails off because we couldn't figure out why the furnace wasn't working in the basement. We tried resetting it and everything but it just wouldn't work. Finally we called Elder Allsop, one of the senior missionaries who just moved out of Poplar, and he told us that we have to manually light the Pilot. And this whole time we thought it would automatically light! We finally went down and lit the darn thing and we have been nice and toasty ever since :)
I hope everyone is having a wonderful day today! Stay warm!
sincerely, Elder Garceau
(I love you mom!)

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