Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Friday June 14

 The MTC is wonderful. the first day we got right into the work. I met my companion, Elder Izatt. he is from nephi. he is a wonderful elder and is strong in the priesthood! the spirit at the MTC is so strong! it's a big change spiritwise, but other than that it's not as chaotic or hard as basic training. we just did a stress management class. what i find hard to get is what is so stressful about the MTC? dont got bullets flying over my head so i think i can keep myself from going mad. I cant wait to get out into the field! learning in class is so much fun! i enoy getting letters a lot more because they time us on our emails. (30 min) i ave 3 minutes left. so i will leave you with a few words. nitwit, blubber, odment, tweak... oh and if the gospel wasnt true, the 19 year olds would have ruined it a long time ago. just a little penny for your thoughts.

btw, if you have to give your two cents, and you get a penny for your thoughts, who gets the extra penny?
Elder Garceau

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