Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday July 15th, 2013

i think we have about 100 active members in our ward. They don't really give referrals like they should. It gets agitating sometimes. Tracting does nothing because people don't like us at their door. they must be afraid or something. We have maybe 1 investigator right now. A kid just got baptized on Saturday. He's 16 and he is a great kid. 

A girl called me handsome the other day. too bad she's like 80 or something. 

I would love a peanut soup recipe! that would be awesome! 
Not too many hindu squats. don't quite know what those are. I have been doing quite a few more pullups. I went to the college to lift weights with the kid we live with. He's 15 and he is pretty cool. Everyone here likes sports, so the only thing to do is golf and play basketball. 

I love dillon so much! it's a great place to be serving

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