Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Hey there!

Dillon is pretty great. We had a pioneer celebration on the 24th. We went to the Barrett camp grounds near by and had a BBQ and played games. It was lots of fun for us.

The Williams, who we live with, just got a new Quirgy puppy. They're cute dogs. Their family just had two extra puppies so they got one. And just yesterday we got two baby rabbits that we are going to surprise them with when they get back from park city! We just saw a sign on a corner for baby bunnies and we decided to call the number. We got a boy and a girl. We are going to see if they will keep the rabbits for us since we can't really have them. We're hoping to have them mate in a month or two. And it's okay if they don't let us keep them at their place, we'll just set them loose on the property. I got a black one and named her Eve. They smell really bad so we put them in the garage. We're going to put up some fencing in the barn so they will see them when they go to feed the chickens in the morning.

We just had one family reactivation and the eight year old son just got baptized. The father is a nonmember but it won't be hard to get him going. We got our first referral this whole transfer just the other day! There is a lady who really wants to hear about the gospel. We're going to knock on her door some time soon. Member referrals are a must!

I'm just going to send this letter to both of you because I don't see a reason in writing the same letter twice.

Everyone here keeps complaining about the heat. It only gets up to the 90s! I don't see the problem. They all think I'm going to freeze in the winter. Apparently it only gets to about 40 below. Not a problem. I'll be fine!
My companion has been in this area for a total of a year. Everyone knows him so it is kind of hard for me to open up because people know him and don't really talk to me all that much. I am sure after he leaves I will be able to talk to people more and find out who needs to hear the spirit through me. We both agree that things might run smoother after he goes home in a week and a half.

There is a lady here that we visit every Friday. She always gives us ice cream! She is a nonmember and doesn't really like going to church because of the way she has seen people act in church. She has never been to a Mormon church before but she doesn't want to go to church. It's very hard trying to get down to what she needs to hear. But I think she really likes me and might be seeing something soon. I shared with her a scripture and she asked for me to find another! I hope that soon she figures it all out. She says she knows God put us boys into her life for a reason, but she just doesn't know yet. She's been visiting with the missionaries for over a year now. I'm hoping that I can be the straw to break the camel's back. She shares a lot of our view about the world and I know she would make a perfect Mormon. It's just so confusing...

I hope all is well and everything works out with the vending machines! I'll make an edited version of this letter and send it to the bishop to read because I don't feel like writing out the whole thing all over again.
Love, Elder Garceau (I love you mom!)

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