Monday, July 8, 2013

Friday, June 14th, 2013

I made it to the Billings airport and stayed at the mission home there for a couple days and now I am in Dillon, Montana! It's a nice little town in the middle of nowhere and most of the people think the Book of Mormon is of the devil or something. oh well.

We had a lot of rainbow hippies in town for the fourth. they had some sort of circle of life thing going on in Jackson. There were about 7000 of them. it was disgusting, they are revolting people. Most of them left after that though. 

We go play bingo every Wednesday with the old folks in assisted living. That's a lot of fun. I love my ward and we got to go semen test some bulls with one of the members who is a rancher. We also get free golf at the golf course because a member owns it! I suck at golf though. Last time I only got a 62/32 par. not very good but oh well haha

Elder Garceau

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